Car Accident? We can help !!!

Southwest Pain Management is Irving’s premier accident and injury clinic specializing in pain management. We treat patients that have been injured in car or motorcycle accidents as well as commercial vehicle wrecks across Texas.

Dr. Robert Groysman, MD, and Dr. Bob DeLillo, DNP along with their team at Southwest Pain Management are experts in diagnosing and treating common auto accident injuries and whiplash.

We will customize a treatment plan based on your overall health and the severity of your pain and/or injury.

For more severe injuries, we work with you to manage pain and promote healing. Advanced treatment options include regenerative medicine and a range of injections and treatments to minimize pain.

If you have been hurt, there are certain things you should do immediately to help with recovery.  Here are a few steps to follow if you have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident:

1. Always call law enforcement and have a report made following an accident.

2. Seek witnesses who were at the scene of the accident or observed the accident and get statements.

3. If you believe you were injured as the result of a car accident, you should receive medical attention immediately. CALL Southwest Pain Management or your healthcare provider and seek out immediate medical assessment and coordinate the proper imaging and treatments.

  1. Even a minor pain that you did not believe was worth mentioning could intensify over time could actually have been a more serious injury. Your failure to describe it at your initial medical appointment could make it difficult to prove it was related to the accident. Do not assume that it is going to get better on its own.5. Get Comprehensive Diagnostic Tests – Obtain all the necessary medical tests when you first receive treatment. If you notice neck pain and stiffness of any kind, don’t ignore your symptoms and get checked out even if you don’t feel injured.
  2. It is important to follow through with all medical appointments as they are necessary to help you recover from your injuries and restore you to optimal health.
  3. Keep detailed notes and information on your injuries, experiences, medical treatment, and expenses.8. Contact an experienced attorney. One that is open to all questions and has experience.

    At Southwest Pain Management we can help manage your events from beginning to end. Meaning we can refer you to other experienced trusted healthcare providers and attorneys during the process.  We have both English and Spanish-speaking medical staff to guide you.

    So if you have been injured in an Auto Accident, Commercial Vehicle Wreck, Motorcycle Wreck, Rideshare Accident or know someone who has been injured let Southwest Pain Management help! Contact us today!


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