Understanding and Treating Long COVID

Having our sense of smell and taste are two important abilities we often take for granted. However, especially for those who suffer from long COVID symptoms, there is no other option. The COVID-19 virus can affect people in different ways, and even long after contracting the virus, many people still report experiencing its side effects,… Continue reading Understanding and Treating Long COVID

Treatment for Lost Sense of Smell (Long COVID)

Loss of smell. Girl in front of the mirror sniffs the perfume and realizes that she does not feel it. Self-diagnosis covid-19. Symptoms of coronavirus. Quarantine and isolation. Test for sars-cov-2

Long COVID can be described as a condition in which a person still experiences symptoms of COVID-19 long after recovering from the virus or testing negative for it. While COVID-19 affects each individual differently, many of its associated symptoms may be enough for some people to experience chronic inflammation and nervous system involvement, leading to… Continue reading Treatment for Lost Sense of Smell (Long COVID)