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Interventional Pain Management relies on controlling pain and improving function with the use of injections that target an inflamed area or by blocking pain signals from damaged nerves.

In general, we can precisely target any damaged muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve, or joint.  

Targeted and injected steroids have several advantages.  When you take an oral steroid, or have it injected into the muscle of your hip or buttocks, only 0.5% or less of the medicine will actually get to the spot that is painful. The rest circulates in your blood stream potentially causing many side effects.

With precise x-ray or ultrasound guidance, our experts can get a needle tip close to the painful area and deliver the entire dose of medication directly to source of the pain while protecting other vital structures.

If you are interested in regenerative medicine, contact the experts at Southwest Pain Management.

What Medications Can We Inject?

We often use steroids because they fight inflammation, however we have other options available as well. For those that want a naturopathic option or simply can’t have steroids, there are other options.  We also offer hyaluronic acid (Hyalgan) as a cushion for major joints.

Regenerative medicine products such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), amnion, or your own stem cells can also be injected into degenerated joints or painful areas. We can successfully treat partially torn ligaments, tendons, and muscles without surgery and the pain of recovery and rehabilitation.
We also provide non-medication-based pain-relieving options such as a peripheral nerve stimulator, a spinal cord stimulator, or bracing appliances for the back and knee.
For those who prefer to be sedated for procedures and injections, we have board certified anesthesia specialists to provide safe In Office Anesthesia and anesthesia in our state-of-the art office procedure suite. This type of anesthetic does not require a breathing tube or ventilator.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Traditional steroid injections have been used to treat pain for over 50 years. The steroid is deposited at the target site, thus reducing inflammation that causes pain. Steroids do not heal damaged tissue such as tendon tears, loss of collagen, and ligament looseness, however. Most types of tissue can be healed including some types of nerve damage. Injuries such as rotator cuff tears, biceps tendon tears, Achilles tendon tears, as well as arthritic changes in knees may be helped by regenerative medicine treatments. What is interesting is that PRP, amnion, and stem cells all decrease inflammation by modulating and controlling the response of the immune system rather than inhibiting the response like NSAID’s and steroids do. Regenerative medicine can restart the healing process even long after your body has forgotten about the injury. There are several regenerative products available:
For depression, you must still continue to take your current antidepressants. If you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, seizures/epilepsy, or angina/heart disease, please let the team at Southwest Pain Management know because ketamine may be contraindicated.
If your insurance has coverage for Spravato ketamine nasal spray, the providers may be able to offer you this spray in-office, which has been approved for medication-resistant depression.
Ketamine infusions are currently not covered by any insurance plan. Please note that you will have to pay out-of-pocket for these.
Ketamine treatments may be right for you. Come see the experts at Southwest Pain Management to discuss ketamine therapy.

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