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Mental Health Treatments

Because we are an interventional practice, most of our treatments for mental health use injections, infusions, or devices. Our treatments are completely natural and medication free/drug free and we will not prescribe anything to you for this.

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What do you treat?

We can treat major depression, especially if its medication resistant, PTSD, anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, ADHD, fibromyalgia, traumatic brain injury, aggressive behavior, and certain types of pain.

How do you treat these conditions?

It is important to understand that we are not claiming to cure any of these conditions. We treat them with one or more of the treatments below:

Our treatments can be complimentary to the medications you are taking from your psychiatrist and, over time, it may also allow you to be weaned off the medications as well.

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Accepted Insurance

We accept most major insurances. Please call to verify your insurance plan with us